Our Work

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs and innovators to scale their impact. Here are some highlights of that work.

  • undefinedEyecarrot's Vision Therapy technology had us working with Dr. Selwyn Super to prototype and bring binocular vision and concussion optical therapy treatments into the 21st Century.

    Brand, mobile apps and hardware R&D for an award winning Vision Care platform launched Eyecarrot to a 5.4M raise by Adam Cegielski  

  • Sensimat medical: fundraising, branding, web-design and iOS app design. Partner-in-arms.

    Awarded $100,000 Innovation grant  

  • Design+Build eQOL platform to enable in home diabetes treatment.

    1.5M+ raised to pilot in Ontario  

Education Matters.

Literacy matters. Student voice matters. Advocacy & inclusion matter- and we bring all of these to the work we do with education technology startups.

Education matters to *us*.

Security, Data & AI.

We've been lucky to work with Toronto Data and AI Entrepreneurs since 2013, helping each other connect the dots by design.

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Our work in education has exciting developments as we worked with aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs

Bounce ideas about your project

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