Our Work

We've designed for NGOs, education institutions and startups in healthcare, education, fintech and data.

We're currently working on business design and UX for Blockchain and AI startups. We're here to help connect the dots and do the work.
What's your next Milestone?
  • Collaborated with 73 organizational leaders.
  • 15,600+ hours of workshops.
  • $23m raised with 3 healthcare startups, 2 in edtech and 4 data + fintech startups.
  • 45+ inclusive community events, workshops and courses.
  • What do all of our clients have in common?

    Milestones. Rapid product definition, new segment creation, scaling. 2/3rds were adapting to innovation mandates and half were growing their teams rapidly.

  • We're here to facilitate in these processes to support your growth.

How can we help?

Let us know the basics & we'll schedule a chat.